Need something special?

Need something special?

Fine Garment Care

Legacy specializes in delicate items as well as every day clothes. Continuous filtration and distillation is required to provide fresh and clear cleaning solution. Impure solution, caused by bacteria growth and residual dyes, results in clothes smelling of solvent and produces dingy colors. Legacy Garment Care knows how to handle the most delicate pieces, from a solid pair of wool pants to the most flamboyant night gown

Extensive Stain Removal

Legacy performs extensive stain removal and cleaning procedures to make your garments look like new. Thoroughly experienced professionals bring their cleaning craftsmanship to your garments. Delicate dry cleaning, hand washing, and wet cleaning techniques are all utilized to protect your clothing investment.

Delicate Garment Finishing

Proper garment finishing can tolerate no shortcuts as we demand the highest of standards from our pressers. Such impeccable finishing requires hand pressing craftsmanship on each and every garment. We have the most advanced finishing equipment to guarantee exceptional results. Even neckties are blocked to maintain their shape and assure no impressions. Impressions are a sign of “pressing” and not “steaming”. Impressions are especially noticeable on dark colors and on seams. This is a sign of bad finishing or lack thereof. This, as well as other details, is what makes us better that our competitors.

Household Wash and Fold Service

Our wash and fold service is second to none. You don’t have to sort out colors, we do it for you. We then take inventory of all items brought in. Inventorying help our quality control department and at the same time allows us to filter out non-washable items. Non-washable items are returned or cleaned with the appropriate methods with clients’ approval. Our cleaning methods for laundry items are exceptional. We use the best detergents and fabric softeners in the industry. Items are cleaned as many times as needed and are assured to be returned smelling fresh and are neatly folded. Unlike house or commercial washing and drying machines, our machines are customized to our needs. We can adjust washing/rinsing/drying cycles to make your clothes look and feel clean. Extra softener or no use of it is available as well. Items can be air-dried at request.

Laundry Shirts Service

Our laundry shirt service is exceptional. We first check for weak material areas; elbows, collar and cuffs. We then check for missing or cracked buttons. All shirts get checked for stains and are scrubbed as needed. After pressing we touch up imperfections. We do this to make sure that you get the best result for such service. For impeccable finish, try our Premium Shirt Service. This service includes complete hand washing and hand pressing for a perfect look.
Not all shirts can be laundered. Dark colors are not appropriate for laundering since washing can fade color away. Shirts need to be 100% cotton since pressing occurs while wet and at a very high temperature. Starch levels are used as requested. Starch allows for a “crisp” feel. Laundered as well as hand done shirts can be hanged or boxed.

Residential House Cleaning Service

Our experienced staff offers residential cleaning with attention to detail. Cleaning materials are provided by us, but at clients’ request, cleaning materials can be provided by client as well. We offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning service. Move-in and move-out service is also available

Shoe Shine / Maintenance

Got a favorite pair of shoes? We provide maintenance service for all type of shoes. From running sneakers, to tuxedo shoes. Shining and repair service is always available at Legacy. You have great shoes, service them properly and show them off!

Express and Charge Accounts

For those on the run, a charge account offers the flexibility and avoids the hassle of making the trip to our store fronts. Setting up a charge account allows for daily pick (or on call basis) and schedule delivery. We provide you with tagged garment bags that can be left with concierge and be picked up. If you don’t have concierge service, you can schedule pick up by simply calling us. All charge accounts are charged after delivery and all orders include a detail receipt attached.
Open a charge account and receive 15% off you dry cleaning bill for the first month of service.

Same Day Service

We typically require 1 to 2 days to return clothes look sparkling. However, we understand that at times you might need something returned a lot quicker, same day perhaps. Legacy offers same day service for most items on request. Contact us for details.


Package service for customers without doorman. We pick up even if there is no doorman. Contact us for details.